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If I was driving my BMW down the GW Parkway, as I've done many a time, and someone driving a Mercedes ticked me off, I probably wouldn't pull a gun on them. Since I don't own a gun, this has never been a problem. But if there was a passenger with me, a girl, for instance, I'd definitely keep my emotions in check. Chicks don't dig guys who fly off the handle and discharge firearms from a moving vehicle. But if my dad was on the board of the NRA, I'd be sure to keep that gun in the glove compartment. Funny, I don't think that Mr. Keene was acting in any militia at the time of his little incident. This combined with the 9th circuit decision have left me in a good mood this afternoon. Keep up the good work!

posted at: 2002-12-06 16:21:39 with 0 comments


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