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Okay, for the last time, altogether now: "Recycling Wastes More Energy Than It Saves". Got it? When Jane or John Doe takes their newspaper to the curb, and it gets delivered to the recycling plant, that plant has to burn energy to build new paper from the old. In many cases, the energy used by the plant is greater than that required to produce a brand new piece of paper. Hence, recycling is bunk.

There is, of course, a strong exception: if the material being used is in short supply and cannot be replenished, recycling makes sense. Of course, that's not true about paper (planting trees is fairly easy and in the long term, good) or many abundant metals. To be sure, dumping trash in a landfill isn't good either, but that doesn't make recycling better because of it. The world would be much better off if, instead of focusing on recycling, we managed to replace every coal-fired power plant with a nuclear one in the next ten years. That would result in cleaner air and a better environment. Period.

Class dismissed.

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After injuring my foot playing basketball over the weekend, I'm slightly annoyed. It's only a single toe, but the pain is too great to simply walk normally and hope it'll go away, so I end up looking like a gimp.

Oh, the Atheist case got dismissed on a technicality. And the Post, continuing their streak of scoops, managed to get an actual copy of the Bybee memo. Be sure to check it out.

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Man in grey suit was reading my book in the metro this morning. I thought about going up to him and saying, "Hey, I'm reading that book too!" Then I realized that I really didn't want to strike up a conversation in the metro because

  • no one is supposed to talk on the metro
  • he might think i was hitting on him
  • if he had been, instead, a pretty girl i would have been hitting on her

Time to get back to work. There's still tons of stuff to be done. Which isn't bad. Oh, the title of this post is the name of the book I stole from the 'rents given to them by Brad. It's fairly good so far. I have a multitude of movie and book reviews to throw up during my lunch break. Yay!

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I'm at the familial estate now...preparing to see my kid sister move to the next level of education, namely, the morass known as high-school. I remember thinking on this day, many years ago, that things couldn't possibly get better for me. It was a particularly good day, that dawned 12 years ago. Almost half my life...

I was dead wrong, of course. Things got much better. Four years later, I again was on top of my game, with a little more history. I knew things could get better then, but I didn't see how. Four years after that point I had figured out how things could get better and knew that they would. Today, the trend continues: it's as if I can see all the possibilities in front of me, and the minor bumps that occur are blips, just distractions from the real target.

Four years from now, I fully anticipate that I'll be sitting back, enjoying all my luck has brought me. I'll still claim star-crossed status, with a knowing wink explaining that it's all a farce: few bad things have yet to happen to me. Hubris is knowing you're going to be knocked down but wanting to taste the blood anyway just so you can wipe it off, get up and swing again. Bring it.

I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings.

Okay, time to turn the Mercury down and pick up the Powers, which I haven't done in a couple of weeks. Nothing like a little recombinant dna discussion to put one to sleep. ATATCGTAGC, indeed.

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I applied my free Ronnie day to visiting Assateague Island, although we actually just hit the state park side. Post beach, we saw a wild horse. Afterwards, I also introduced Jill to the wonders of the slick track. A good time was had by all.

Yesterday I attempted to continue to work, as my office has been incredibly busy of late. However, because of the Ronnie funeral, we were dismissed at one pm. Yay! I used my free time to catch some rays, play some ratchet, watch the procession on tivo (far too hot to go down to Ronald noted, there were mostly white people down there, an irony created by the fact that 61% of the DC population is African-American. Of course, most regular district residents realized it was too damn hot to go stand in line to see Ronnie's casket.) and then have dinner at DG with Deborah followed by the consumption of frozen milk products. All in all, a great day.

Best of all, today I get to work, start spinning like crazy, but in the end I'll get to head west with Brad, who's returning to the district after an extended absenece. Now if only Helena were here...

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