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the dredwerkz

My next phone was just announced:

Nokia just confirmed that an LTE version of its flagship Lumia 900 will be crossing the border into Canada in April, running on Rogers' network, while a dual-carrier HSPA+ flavor will be hopping the Atlantic sometime in Q2, with a €480 (about $650) price tag in tow.

It's a good thing I'm saving up now! I'm sure when Apollo is released it'll smoke the Lumia 900, but either way, Nokia is leading the pack once again.+

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The guy who ripped off John Carpenter and Mannie Garcia admitted guilt today:

A sentencing date has been set for July 16. The U.S. Attorney's Office said in a release that the artist faces a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a maximum term of supervised release of one year. He also faces a maximum fine of $5,000

Good. There's nothing wrong about standing on the shoulders of giants to make great work. Just give them the credit they deserve. Ripping off great designs makes everyone's lives better, and Fairey has some good work, but by ignoring the people who were his inspiration and source of material, he has done damage to good designers everywhere.

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Sometimes memos get found again:

In this version of the memo, Romer calculated that it would take an eye-popping $1.7-to-$1.8 trillion to fill the entire hole in the economy—the “output gap,” in economist-speak.

Odd to think of what might have been.

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Worth a read:

The significance of this general conjecture, assuming its truth, is easy to see. It means that it is quite feasible to design ciphers that are effectively unbreakable

Hat tip: Bruce S.

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